Have a question about our escape rooms? Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Rooms are designed for 2-8 players. Solo bookings are not allowed unless booking to join another group.

There may be times where smaller groups may be combined to fill the room. We will try to avoid this when possible, however to ensure it does not occur we suggest you book the entire room.

We would suggest that players be 10 years or older. However, the choice is totally up to you on an individual basis.

No, everyone pays the same price, $25 plus HST.

Due to fire and safety regulations, the rooms are never truly locked. But in keeping with the spirit of the game, you will be required to find the key that will allow you to escape the "locked" room.

Our goal is to give everybody a pleasant experience. There might be some moments when you could get startled a little bit, but the rooms are not designed to scare anyone. We only try to amaze and entertain you.